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Tribute to South African artists - Tim Robson

December 25th, 2014.

"Dino Paravano, Ron Wilson with Tim Robson 1983"<
Near the Jukskei River
South Africa

Robson was an educator - using lemon juice (an acid) he could carve drawings out of an ultramarine wash.
And he explained values in his unique pointillist style. Here he shows how we can create texture in rocks:
There's wrinkle in his notes but basically he says half-lid your eyes to see the effect in the distance.

He was a painter (mostly watercolours) and a picture framer, having won a Kruger Rand for innovation in framing.

Sadly, Tim developed brain cancer from which he never recovered, he died in 2002 in the small town of Calitzdorp in South Africa.

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